Ray Stevens: Complete Comedy Video Collection


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This 2-volume set DVD from Ray Stevens combines his famous 1992 project “Comedy Video Classics” with select music videos from his 1995 movie “Get Serious” plus on DVD #2 the first 8 videos is actually his 2000 project “Funniest Video Characters” re-released. There are 3 bonus music video’s on here: on DVD #1 we have “Thank You”, Ray’s patriotic song about the military that i enjoy! On DVD #2, we have two patriotic comedy songs as bonus tracks: “Osama Yo’ Mama” and “Hello Mama”, the follow-up to the Osama song. All of the music videos are top-notch. “Power Tools” never appeared on any other collection until this one…and so this is the only DVD that contains a music video to “Power Tools”. This was did in animation-live action format…a concept that was used on the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. If you want to seek out the other animated music videos from Ray, search for his project called “Cartoon Video Collection” which contains several music videos with Ray appearing in live action form up against animated back-grounds. It’s an experimental production that’s for sure and one that i don’t think was widely advertised. Meanwhile, THIS DVD “Complete Comedy Video Collection”, is a wonderful way to have MANY of his music videos in one place!! DVD #1 contains 11 music videos and DVD #2 contains 10 music videos. “The Pirate Song” is HILARIOUS!!!!! That is #6 on DVD #2



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